Artificial Intelligence
for Software Engineering

"AI for SE“ is a new emerging Industry.
It is dedicated to making Software Development cheaper, faster and better.


AIFORSE Framework

Suite of Best Practices and Standards
that enables and utilizes Artificial Intelligence
for effective and efficient Software Engineering.


AIFORSE Landscape

Analytical Report, which includes Information
about the Actual State of the Market for the Solutions,
which employ AI to solve Software Engineering Tasks.



AIFORSE Community is a Collaboration Platform intended to collect and exchange all the information about applying Artificial Intelligence to Software Development.

Target Audience
  • Software Engineering Companies (Product Development, Solution Delivery, Outsourcing).
  • Companies, which develop Tools (both AI- and non-AI-driven) for Software Engineering Companies.
  • Companies, which use Custom Software Solutions, critical for their Business and/or Operations.
Community’s Advantages
  • The world’s First Specialized Community for the Subject.
  • Practice-focused.
  • High-end most demanded and accurate Content.
  • Vendor-independent.
  • Community-driven.
Benefits for Members
  • Gain a Foothold as a proven Market Leader.
  • Significantly increase your Company’s Competitiveness.
  • Find new Partners.
  • Get practical knowledge from Leading Experts.
  • Get the latest Information about the actual State of the Industry.

AIFORSE Community Telegram Channel


Establish a Single Platform for Interchange of Best Practices, Ideas and Contacts
Set Standards and Methodologies for related Tools and Processes
Build Industry Development Roadmap
Workout Methods for Software Engineering Process Automation and its Quality Increase
Enable Presentment and Discussion of new Services and Products
Generate Industry Innovations

AIFORSE Community Introduction Slide Deck



AI for Software Engineering – Industry Landscape


Software Engineer of Tomorrow Manifesto


AIFORSE Community Program


Vision. New Era of Society Functioning