The Conference is organized by AIFORSE Community to raise and discuss the most vital problems of the Industry, its current state and further development. Aiming to collect the main SMEs and Contributors to establish the first Baseline of the Community’s Activities and to define the highest priority Vectors of the future Collaboration.

AIFORSE Community

What are Our Goals?

The main Purpose of the Conference, first of all, is to build a Bridge between the most significant Players of the Software Engineering Industry from one side and the most advanced adopters of cutting-edge Applied Artificial Intelligence Technologies from another side, keeping in mind the Goals defined by AIFORSE Community.

  • Identify main Pain Points related to Software Engineering
  • Collect and systematize Ready-for-Intelligentization Scenarios
  • Share, review and discuss available Solutions
  • Overview proven and new Technologies
  • Define next Steps of the Community Development

November 10

Novotel Barcelona City,
Barcelona, Spain




Diego Lo Giudice

VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Eiso Kant

CEO & Co-Founder at source{d}

Earl T. Barr

Senior Lecturer at University College London

Vitalii Buriak

Business Development Manager at Memorio.io

Jeremias Rößler

Founder of

Sudarshan Bhide

CTO & Founding Team Member at Acellere

Aurélien Nicolas

CTO at
Deckard AI

Valentin Grigoryevskiy

Business Development Director at AIFORSE Community





AI will change Applications and the way we build them.
AI industry overview and future direction. [Keynote]

Diego Lo Giudice, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research


AI for Software Construction. [Keynote]

Eiso Kant, CEO & Co-Founder at source{d}


AI for Software Construction.
RefiNym: Learning Nominal Type Refinements from Identifier Names.

Earl T. Barr, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at University College London (UCL)


Tea & Coffee Break.


Panel Discussion: Tasks to be solved and related Challenges.


Lunch Break.


AI for Software Design.

Vitalii Buriak, Business Development Manager at Memorio.io


AI for Software Testing.

Jeremias Rößler, Founder of ReTest, Speaker, Blogger, Developer & Computer Scientist


Tea & Coffee Break.


AI for Software Quality Management.

Sudarshan Bhide, CTO & Founding Team Member at Acellere


AI for Software Engineering Process Management.

Aurélien Nicolas, CTO at Deckard AI


AIFORSE Community Development Vectors and further Collaboration.

Valentin Grigoryevskiy, Business Development Director at AIFORSE Community




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