AIFORSE Framework ©

AIFORSE Framework (AIFORSE_xF) is a suite of best practices and standards that enables and utilizes artificial intelligence for effective and efficient software engineering.

AIFORSE Compliance ©

A Certification for all the Business and Operational Processes to comply against the Best Practices for applying Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering defined in the AIFORSE Framework.

AIFORSE Landscape ©

A comprehensive Analytical Report about the actual State of the Market for the Solutions, which employ AI to solve Software Engineering Tasks.

AIFORSE Networking ©

An Opportunity to discuss the most Innovative Approaches for applying AI to Software Development, get the latest Industry Updates from the first hands, share Ideas and express Critical Thoughts.

AIFORSE Conference ©

Conferences are organized by AIFORSE Community to raise and discuss the most vital Problems of the Industry of application Artificial Intelligence to Software Engineering, its current State and further Development.